Charity shop find of the week #14

Cardigan £5 St Peters Hospice

My last charity shop post was back in February but I have scored some fab things from the chazzers since then; I've just not got around to posting them. Shamefully I still have some things in the washing basket from when I went back to Devon; a lot of the time charity shop things need to be hand washed and I've just not had the time to do it! Terrible I know!

Anyway, I hadn't been to my local chazzers for a little while and when I did go recently, I tried on loads of good stuff, but none of it was quite right, which was disappointing, until I got to this cardigan. It has a hole in the collar, a missing button, and no label to speak of but the fit of this was just perfection. Not too big or small, just a nice, easy style which looks great buttoned up or left undone. I've blogged a few jumpers and cardigans recently which seems a little odd as it's definitely more springlike, weatherwise at the moment, but a cardi like this will be great to have in my bag for evenings or if it's a little cooler. I just couldn't leave it behind for a fiver.

Hopefully I'll be able to wear this in an outfit post soon so I can show how nice it looks on, if, that is, I can be bothered to get around to washing it anytime soon! (I'm thinking it's probably going to be a hand wash, great!)

XO Amie
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