Throwback: Primavera Sound 2014

Credit: Xavi Torrent for Getty Images

I don't think I ever posted these pics when I actually found them, after trawling the internet for ages, because I filed them away in my 'Primavera' folder on my computer and promptly forgot about them, so I thought I would post them today because I really like them and recently rediscovered them when looking for something else (photos of jeans, I think!) 

I was asked to have my picture taken by by a Getty Images snapper at Primavera which was really exciting, he asked me to write down (on his phone) where everything I was wearing was from, because he spoke barely any english, but was really friendly and snapped some photos super quickly. I love the one of my jeans and shoes, it had just completely poured down with rain and the ground was soaked but the sun soon came out again!

I saw quite a few people having their picture taken and I really enjoyed looking at all the other style on offer, Primavera is a festival but people dress up for it and really go for it, because it's all on a concrete floor there's no mud, even if it rains, and there were some really cool and inspiring looks to see every day.

XO Amie
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