Favourite cardigan

Wearing: Topshop cardigan Whistles jeans and boots Vintage blouse

This cardigan really is a favourite of mine. In fact, I'd even go so far to say that it's even more favoured than the ratty old vintage one I wear all the time at home, and definitely less scratchy. I love the boxy cut and the front pockets, also the fact that it is slightly cropped, too. Hilariously in a couple of these pictures, I hadn't noticed but my hair has tucked into the pocket! Maybe it's time for a hair cut!

I'm sure these Whistles jeans are old news now as I've worn them so much on the blog, but they are the perfect fit and so soft. I have an identical pair in normal denim but they just aren't as nice, the fit doesn't seem to be the same and hence I don't wear them as often, but they are still pretty cool. I am having a thing with denim at the moment and these are now my only pair of jeans; both my pairs of black skinnies have pretty much given up and these are all I am left with!

This whole outfit is actually one of my favourite looks at the moment, it's still so cold and despite getting a pair of sandals a week or so ago I can't actually begin to consider wearing them. Will it ever be warm enough!? It doesn't feel like it!

XO Amie

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