Wearing: Whistles jumpsuit and coat vintage backpack Converse trainers

Despite the fact that I am quite obviously wearing socks, it's too cold for Converse, as I learnt a couple of weeks ago when Adrian and I went for a walk. I think I thought that with an ankle sock I wouldn't feel the chill but, unfortunately, Converse are paper thin and so provided no warmth at all; bring back my chelsea boots! We did walk past a bloke wearing shorts and toms, though, so clearly I wasn't the coldest person in the park!

This jumpsuit doesn't really photograph that well but it is such a lovely piece, I wore it a lot at work as I love that easy, one-piece outfit that doesn't require any thinking about, pretty much any shoes worked with it and it is so comfortable. It does also have long arms, so it's pretty warm and also looks wicked with a poloneck layered underneath.

Apologies for the beret, I can't do without a hat at the minute as the wind rages havoc with my hair and also hurts my ears, so it's a must! This is definitely my hat of the year; it looks really good with every outfit and keeps my hair off my face, so it's a keeper!

XO Amie
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