Alexa Chung hearts Nails Inc

Alexa Chung Hearts Nails Inc Collection

Of course, regular readers will be aware of the obsession I have with a certain Ms Chung, and whilst that does not enable me to buy everything with her face on it, when I see it's something I like, I have to get it!

I do really like Nails Inc nail polishes and I'd seen this set in Boots where it was around £50, far more than I'd ever pay! For some reason I then spotted it on the nails inc website where it had been reduced to around £20, so I snapped it up. For the price, you got six shades (Alexa's Edit) as well as a nail file and makeup pouch. Given that the hearts polish is available as a single purchase for £15, I thought this was a pretty good deal!

So far I have tried both the navy shade and the pastel purple which is called 'Winter Lilac.' Two coats and a top coat on this lasted a week with no chips, which is amazing. The navy hasn't fared quite as well, it has chipped after about 3 days wear but this could be because it is a darker colour, and so more noticeable.

I haven't tried the more glittery polishes yet although I am tempted to overlay the stars one on to the navy which I think will look super chic. I really liked the variation within this set, you get some really wearable colours as well as some very high fashion glitter polishes which I think will work throughout the season, for day and evening.

XO Amie
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