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 Pendant c/o Links of London

Valentines Day was also Adrian and my 6th Anniversary, and so on the blog today I wanted to talk a little about styling for a date. Of course, Adrian and I live together and he totally understands my style, but on our first 'date' which was Valentines Day 2009, I had only known him properly for about two weeks and obviously wanted to make sure I looked my best!

It's difficult to know what to choose to  wear on a date and I think a lot depends on what it involves. For our first 'proper' date we just watched a film and had some dinner at his house, so I wore quite a casual outfit that I felt comfortable in; skinny jeans, a vintage blouse and a cardigan. However, a couple of weeks prior to this, I went out with some friends in a local town, to the opening of a club. I had a pretty good idea that Adrian would be out in a nearby pub, as we had mutual friends, so I was hoping we'd meet, and I dressed accordingly! The polaroid above was taken by a friend on that evening, of myself and my friend Laura. I love it because it is a great reminder of that night (even though my hair is inexplicably awful!) but I love it especially because Adrian and I had been texting each other that evening trying to arrange a time to meet, and I was so excited! You can see it on my face I think.

I remember feeling really good in what I was wearing, as well. I had on a plain white tee shirt tucked in to a high waisted skirt from Topshop, a statement necklace and I was also wearing court shoes with little socks. I remember feeling really cool (ha, the noughties do that to you!) and when we finally met up I didn't even think about the way I looked, it was just great to be in his company. But I do remember it took me ages to actually decide what to wear, and there were several strops thrown before I decided on an outfit! The noughties did see me wear many a combination of pencil skirts with tee shirts tucked in, coupled with heels and socks; I'm not sure if this was a signature look but it probably wasn't one to keep repeating!

Fast forward 6 years and I am glad that first impressions were good ones! I think it is worth making an effort with the way you dress, especially when meeting someone new, as those are things that you remember! Adrian wore blue jeans and a plaid shirt when we first met, and I remember thinking he was about the coolest guy I'd ever seen. I still think that, and he's still the snappiest dresser I know.

I was kindly sent this Links of London rose gold pendant to showcase how I would style it for a Valentines date, and what I love about it is the simplicity. The rose gold coin is so chic and the tiny heart charm adds a touch of sweetness, but it isn't too girlie and I love that. I would wear this over a breton tee with skinnies and loafers for a daytime date, or with a pretty dress and vintage heels for the evening. I just adore rose gold; I have a rose gold watch and a couple of rings too and this complements them perfectly. It is so soft and pretty and warming on the skin, and really easy to wear day to day, too.

I've also showcased in this post some of my favourite Valentines-inspired makeup products; the Nuxe body oil is lovely to put on your arms and across the collar bones, or down the shins if you are going barelegged, for a really gorgeous subtle sheen.  Benefit Rollerlash is a recent launch from the beauty house and this one is incredible, perfect for giving your lashes amazing length without having to rely on false lashes. This cashmere polish from Nails Inc (Alexa Chung edit) is such a pretty colour without being too much, and of course, a signature fragrance is essential: I've included this Body Shop 'Love Etc' but the one I actually wore on our first date was Elle by YSL, one of my all time favourites.

Shop the pendant here and don't forget to check out all the other amazing jewellery on the Links of London website here.

XO Amie
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