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By September of 2011, we had lived in Bristol long enough for me to get over my homesickness and slight agoraphobia to venture to the centre of the village in which we lived at the time, with one focus in mind: the charity shops. Living in a South Gloucestershire suburb did mean that although trying to get anywhere was a bit of a faff, the locality did provide some of the best charity shop pickings, especially for someone who is so interested in the cast offs of elderly folk. There was plenty of fodder to appease my 'Granny Trouser' obsession!

I remember getting these trousers for about £4 and despite the fact that they did my backside no favours at all, I loved them. Keeping it mod with a pair of ASOS shoe boots and a Quiksilver jacket makes up for the rest of my outfit being from eras past. Unfortunately, I no longer have them; I think they were a victim of either moth or mold, but I have got these pictures to look back on and reminisce, and it was probably a good thing that they are no longer in my wardrobe as they did make my bum look incredibly massive!

I have a surprising shortage of trousers in my wardrobe at the moment, which definitely needs to be rectified; I have had to turf out several pairs of jeans that have had their day and my favourite ASOS peg trousers are also seemingly past their best; I'll certainly have to start scoping out the chazzas for alternatives, because in my opinion, a granny trouser is always in order.

XO Amie
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