Style Essentials: The Heeled Boot

Boots from Ash (top) and Vintage boots (bottom)

One of the main reasons I had for setting up this blog was a focus on style rather than fashion. Trends come and go, but there are cornerstones of style that you will always reach for, no matter what the season. I used to think nothing of spending a weeks wages in Primark of an afternoon, but as I got a bit older I noticed that the items I would always reach for when lacking in inspiration were those special, classic pieces that I had invested in, perhaps slightly more expensive or found on a bit of luck in a charity shop, but the fast fashion goodies quickly became one hit wonders, soon to see the charity shop bag after a wear or two. Wasteful, and not very economical!

I thought it might be fun to run a series on the blog that looked at the key pieces that are, in my opinion, worthy investments. Testament to this is the sheer amount of times that they have appeared in outfit posts, but it is interesting to see the pieces that are worn time and time again: my style essentials.

For this first post, I want to talk about the heeled boot. I am a big fan of ankle boots of all kinds, and a neutral coloured, heeled boot is such an easy, everyday staple. I prefer a mid heel height and I like a block heel which isn't hard to walk in! I also tend to choose almond toe shapes as I find them to be the most flattering. 

I have two pairs of black ankle boots of this ilk, both of them suede! I got the top pair from Ash a few years ago and they have worn in beautifully. The toe is slightly rounder than I would normally go for, but they are so comfortable and really flattering too. The second pair are vintage and come slightly higher up the leg, they look great with bare legs and dresses in the summer. I think I got them from eBay, I know I didn't pay very much for them and I have worn them so much. The heel is slightly higher on this pair but they are still very comfortable.

I've worn both of these boots with skinny jeans, skirts, dresses, with both tights and also bare legs. They are definitely a must-have in my wardrobe shoedrobe and a great investment. They do look a little worse for wear now but I have worn them in that way; they fit like a pair of slippers and add an edge to any outfit.

XO Amie
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