Charity shop find of the week #11

Bennetton floral shirt £3.99 Oxfam

Looking back through past posts, it's been ages since I posted a charity shop find; find #10 was back in October, can you believe it (Tods driving shoes from Weston Super Mare) but to be honest I always find that the chazzers are a bit dry in the run up to Christmas. I usually have a good look through in January/February time as people tend to have a good sort out of their wardrobes as the new year begins, so there are plenty of pickings to be found.

However, the other day I was passing one of my locals so I thought I'd have a quick look in, and I spotted this vintage Bennetton shirt for £3.99. I know, it's pretty rank; but something about it was attractive to me and I do love a decent shirt, especially a slightly oversized one. I intend to wear this with the jeans and boots combo from my #SundayStyle outfit post, and possibly also the beret; well, the colours go!

The print is really reminiscent of something, I'm not sure what (80's wallpaper?!) perhaps it's a little bit William Morris, I don't know. Well for £3.99 I wasn't that bothered, I just liked it very much. Also it's made from cotton, not polyester as so many cheapo chazza blouses seem to be, so it's really soft and very cute.

XO Amie

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