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Reading is one of my favourite hobbies, and there is nothing better to me than being able to kick off my shoes at the end of the day and pick up a good book. For Christmas, I was lucky enough to get both a Kindle and a Kobo eReader, fully loaded with amazing stories to read, so I have been making the most of any spare time to get stuck into those. 

I always used to think that I would hate not having a real book in my hand, and I will attest that I feel more content with the real deal, but...there's something very liberating about being able to carry an entire library in your pocket, and I feel like I use my lunchbreak productively if I can read a few chapters. It's just something I really enjoy and it's always been a favourite pasttime.

Currently reading: 

On the Kindle: 'It' by Stephen King. Possibly my all time favourite author, jointly with James Herriot perhaps, I'd read this book before in hard copy and I am just as terrified re-reading it in electronic. King is one of the greatest writers of all time, in my opinion; just when I think he can't better a previous publication, he does. Of course.

On the Kobo: '1st to Die' by James Patterson. This is an interesting read in that it's a murder mystery/detective style novel, in manner of Patricia Cornwell but possibly slightly less finessed. It's a good read, and I have quite enjoyed it, although it is graphic in a more overt way than is Stephen King's style.

I suppose I am quite lucky in that I've always been able to read several books at a time, and having these e-readers only helps that out! They really are super convenient and one or the other is always in my handbag!

XO Amie
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