Wearing: Whistles jumper River Island collar (here) Gap skirt Urban Outfitters shoes

I love, love, love the look of a collar under a jumper; or over one, for that matter, I used to love rocking a plain white tee with an embellished collar over it in the summer time. Must be the Alexa effect again, although I'm not solely going to credit her for it because I have always loved a decent collar. Anyway, whilst loving the collars I don't so much love the bulk a shirt can add, particularly in the sleeves, which was why I snapped up this River Island collar as soon as I saw it. It's basically the neck part of a shirt which you can just put under any highish necked jumpers to make them look as if you have a shirt on underneath, but without the extra fabric. Perfect collar cool!

I have been wearing this Gap skirt a lot after finding it in the back of my wardrobe. It's quite thick enough for winter and such a good cut; it isn't too skatery and sits quite high on the waist. I am hoping to wear it maybe for Christmas with a festive jumper as it is very comfy. Speaking of which, this jumper though. I bought it at the start of the summer in the sales and I knew it would be an investment as it is cashmere, I wasn't completely sold on the colour initially but now I really like it; it definitely gets me out of my need to wear black all the time and it's so warm! Look, no coat!

Finally, my new brogues (well, not that new!) I bought a load of stuff in the Urban Outfitters sale and I have been meaning to write a haul post but haven't got around to it; anyway, these were a tenner so I had to pick them up. They are so soft and comfy and, of course, my classic fave style of shoe. The gold plating on the laces adds a point of difference and they go with everything, so they have found a new home in my shoedrobe!

XO Amie
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