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Pictures from Autumn 2010

I haven't posted any archive images since October so I thought I would do so this evening. I found this little set of pictures which were from the end of 2010; around Autumn time I believe due to the fact that I am wearing a cardigan and wool trousers, but also ballet flats!

I took these pictures myself with a point and shoot camera on timer propped up against Adrians dining table. Before we properly lived together Adrian lived with two other chaps, in a rambling three story maisonette in our hometown. I eventually pretty much moved in there as it was almost across the road from where I worked at the time; so convenient! The guys he lived with were (still are!) wicked and it was a really cool house to hang out at with people always coming and going and the kettle always on. 

When we decided to move to Bristol it was hard to leave friends behind (though thankfully most of them have now also made the move!) but I will always associate this house with happiness and fun, laughter and good times. There were also some not as good, including the landlords son who lived across the hall and let his dogs poop in the lobby, and almost getting evicted in the first week after a housewarming party went a little awry. On the whole, though, it was fabulous and I'll always think of it fondly.

Again, you'll see how little my style has changed over the years; here I am rocking a granny trouser and a ballet flat (standard) and the trusty charity shop cardi which still features in my daily edit come wintertime. I am wearing a charity shopped vintage watch that I still have, and a ring that Adrian bought me on my 26th birthday and which features in pretty much every outfit post on the blog. The big change I suppose is my hair; I was right in the middle of growing out my hated mullet cut here and it had clearly got to the awkward shoulder length. I definitely prefer how it looks now!

XO Amie
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