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I went a little mad in the makeup aisles recently on account of most of my day to day makeup running out and also the quality of offers on in various places; Boots had their No.7 money off vouchers which could be used in conjunction with their 3 for 2 across makeup and skincare; Superdrug had a matching 3 for 2 offer on, and Tesco were clearing out their Max Factor stands with everything at crazy cheap prices which I couldn't resist. I did a post about a few things I picked up here but I wanted to talk about the other items that maybe didn't get a mention then, that I am also loving using!

Brows are a big deal; I've got a Pinterest board dedicated to a power brow and I like to keep mine looking on point. I'd been using a pencil for years until I switched over to shadow, but neither really gave the ultimate finish that I'd been looking for. Step forward, Sleek Brow Stylist; a hybrid of both shadow and pencil in a tapered applicator which has a brush at the other end. It's a twist up action which means no sharpening is needed and the shade 'medium' was perfect for me. This product has been duped for the Anastasia Brow Wiz which so many YouTubers and bloggers rave about. I couldn't afford that but this one is £3.99 and I would definitely recommend it!

The Max Factor concealer was a bit of an impulse buy, it was only £4 and is a specific under eye concealer of the kind I really like. When I got to the Max Factor stand in the Tescos I was shopping in it was pretty dessimated and the only shade left in this concealer was 'fair' which is quite a good colour match for my skin, but I read that concealer is supposed to be one shade lighter than your skin to brighten it, so the palest shade would have probably been better. This is one shade up from that and it does blend out really well and conceals my eye bags so it was worth the spend!

I haven't got around to using this Max Factor shadow pencil yet because I repurchased potentially my all time favourite eye cream, from No.7 in bronze, but I loved the (also bronze) colour of this one and I am interested to try it. I have bought an eye pencil in the past in this ilk, confusingly also from No.7, but I hated it, I found it incredibly hard to apply and really dragged the skin, wouldn't blend, just a complete mess basically. I don't think this one will be like that because it feels very soft when swatched, so hopefully I will get good use from it!

I have been looking for a berry lipstick for a long time, but had no luck until I found a Maybelline Lip Drama pencil which i've been using and loving, however, I saw someone (can't remember who! It might have been Lily Pebbles or Vivianna Does Makeup) actually wearing this one and it looked so lovely on I had to pick it up. It is not glossy, which is good because I tend to not like or wear lip glosses at all, but dries to a longlasting, matte finish which looks really striking and great with a simple bronze eye. Which brings me nicely to...

Potentially one of my top 5, all time favourite products, EVER, comes in the form of this cream shadow from No.7. I used to absolutely loathe cream eyeshadows, thinking them really hard to apply, with tendancies to slide and crease. I bought this on a whim because I liked the colour (I love bronzes and browns for my eyes) and I had a Boots voucher, and didn't expect to love it but this is my second tube of it and it is amazing. It lasts all day, doesn't crease at all, and is so easy to put on; all I do is smooth it over my eyelid with the applicator, and use a fluffy brush to blend out the edges. It takes about 5 minutes to do and looks great. 

So, those are the latest makeup picks that I've been loving lately! Must not buy any more!

XO Amie
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