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KG By Kurt Geiger Boots from Spartoo

I am such a boot addict, I can't even explain it! Just when I think I've found the ideal pair, I find another one that seems even more preferable than the previous! I was inherently drawn to this pair; so much so that I had to share them. I don't know what it is; maybe that oh so classic chelsea ankle boot shape, maybe that slight edge with the touch of chain, maybe even the fact that these are the perfect hybrid boot bridging the gap between too feminine and too chunky; the wonderful androgyny that these boots have is definitely something that is missing in my shoedrobe.

I think a classic pair of black ankle boots are something that everyone should own. Frankly, I keep buying them until I find the next best pair. My current faves are some really beaten up black chelsea boots but, in contrast, I really like the smooth and clean look of these. They really are just wonderful!

It's very easy to get into a style rut with black ankle boots because they go with everything, and I would just wear them with black skinny jeans forever. However the length on these looks about right to pair with a skirt; and they would look great in the summer with a more feminine look to really ground it.

I also like that these boots aren't mega clumpy. There's a hint of clumpiness, for sure, but there's definitely no cleated soles or Spice Girl references. And whilst there's nothing wrong with either of those things, sometimes a little sleeker is better.

XO Amie
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