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Wearing: Quiksilver jacket vintage silk blouse and backpack Whistles jeans Topshop shoes

Organising the plethora of photographs I have on Adrians computer, I found a small photoset from back in the summer time and I just wanted to post one as it won't have been on the blog before. Despite being midsummer then I could probably get away with this outfit now (well, maybe with socks and a heavier coat!)

I love the sunbleached quality of this picture, I remember it was a very blustery day and a lot of the pictures were ruined by my fringe and hair blowing over my face! However I liked this one; I was walking along with my mum and we found this small alcove just tucked away out of the worst of the wind, there was still a bit of a breeze but it wasn't quite as bad as on the sea front!

 Even though I don't mind the winter too much, it's when I see pictures that remind me of feeling the sun on my face that I wish for the summer again! It just seems to be so far away! However I always love Christmas so that will be something to look forward to; and I'm also wondering if I can wear these jeans with chelsea boots through the winter! The shirt is short sleeved so has been consigned to the 'summer clothes' pile and I definitely couldn't wear the shoes if there was the slightest chance of rain!

XO Amie
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