Instagram Week #44

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This week I've made it a priority to sort out my wardrobe. Summer things have been packed away and winter clothes brought out; in honesty I've had to get rid of a lot of them as they aren't really what I want any longer, or haven't weathered well in storage, so the charity shop will be getting a few bags and I also took a rather more cherry picked edit to a Blogger's swap shop this evening; of which there will be more about soon!

In sorting my wardrobe I also sorted the house a little; the bedroom had become so cluttered and so I had a move around and have streamlined it a bit; and the living room also got a good clean up and refresh. It's a good time to do it as the seasons change; I suppose a bit like spring cleaning but maybe more 'winter' cleaning! There's no escaping the fact that it's winter now; the Christmas lights are going up and now that Halloween is over it's all about the Festive season.

I Instagrammed a picture of some makeup bag must haves earlier in the week and I can't get enough of them; I've worn the Natural Collection lippy in cherry red almost daily since I bought it, and at £2.99 it's an incredible bargain! The Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream is a little more expensive however, but totally worth it as you only need the tiniest bit and it goes miles, it has a multitude of uses as well from lipbalm to brow gel to hand cream!

XO Amie

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