Charity Shop find of the week #9

jigsaw suede flat sneakers plimsolls pumps shoes

Jigsaw suede sneakers £4

I was merrily going through my camera deleting some of my old pics when I got to a few images of some bits and pieces I'd bought maybe a month or so ago in the charity shops. I hesitated over the delete button because I couldn't remember if I'd posted them; I certainly didn't think I had, but couldn't be sure. Anyway, luckily I didn't delete them because it turned out I hadn't posted them, so despite not having bought them that recently (and having found more chazza things to show on the blog since!) I thought I'd still post them.

I am a big fan of charity shopped shoes even though some people really don't like the idea of it! I often find some really good ones and as long as they aren't overworn, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I love the simple style of these Jigsaw ones, which cost just £4, a fraction of the cost that they retail for, and barely worn, too!

They are similar to my white converse but as I was considering getting a beige/nude pair of Superga trainers, I thought I'd pick them up instead. They are really comfortable and look great with skinny jeans, they'll make a change from ballet pumps especially if the weather turns and it's not quite cool enough for boots.

XO Amie
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