Instagram Week #33

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Another busy week, but no shoes to show in this Insta roundup apart from these cut out loafers/ankle boots from Topshop! Rinsing the last week of the sale I picked these up for £15 down from £62, which is a bargain to good to leave behind. I needed them anyway because my Chanel staples have been prised from my feet and are now being held hostage at the cobbler, they were in need of re-heeling and I am conscious not to ruin them by wearing the heel down, as I tend to do; makes it that much harder to mend them when that happens!

I did pick up this £3 bowler as well, I love a good hat and for £3 I couldn't not get it. I really don't want to start thinking about Autumn yet, despite what the fashion magazines are touting in my opinion summer isn't done until the clocks change, although I do think that I am going to have to get my knitwear out before then, at least, if the current weather is anything to go on!

Couple of previews of upcoming blog posts in the Instagram feed, too. I am currently putting together a feature about blogging 'on the go' and the outfit shot above makes up part of that. Additionally I have a lovely hair oil to review so that will be going up on the blog soon too.

XO Amie
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