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quiz tropical floral platform heels alexa vogue
quiz tropical floral platform sandal heels shoes
quiz black tropical floral snakeskin heels shoes platforms vogue magazine

Floral print heels c/o Quiz

Sometimes, I see a pair of shoes that I can envisage wearing for an event, but possibly not in day to day life. This is one such pair. I would wear them Alexa style, with a midi skirt and structured top, or possibly with a skinny trouser, but in the mean time, I really just love looking at them!

The downside to this train of thought is that you end up with several pairs of shoes 'for show' which are too pretty to risk wearing. This is especially true of anything with fabric or embellishment details to the heel, which could easily be caught or scuffed. I remember getting one of a box fresh pair of stiletto heels caught in a drain cover which ripped the leather on extraction. So devastating! This pair have a silky tropical floral print fabric covered heel, almost a demi-wedge as the platform front is super high to stop them being too uncomfortable.

Do you ever buy shoes too pretty to wear?

XO Amie
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