June DIY: Simple cotton shorts

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June DIY: simple shorts

Well, this DIY was definitely the hardest thing I've ever tried to make. This is a bit of a fake post really, as the shorts are finished but not very wearable; I need to sort out the fastening and I'm not totally happy with the end fit. I had assumed (wrongly) that these would be as straightforward to make as the crop top I'd intended to wear them with was; despite following a really basic video I still managed to get these really wrong!

My friend Bryony, a fashion graduate, gave me some advice on how to make these and also a few tips; such as, don't sew the legs together (I did, but apparently it's an easy mistake to make!) I began by following this tutorial which was very informative but perhaps not as clear as I needed it to be; by which I mean, it's a great tutorial but I think I would have found it simpler with more basic steps! I'm not going to reiterate the steps I took to make the garment here because in all honesty I'm not sure how I got to this point, it was more by eye than skill! However, check out the video as it does simplify the process!

I bought the fabric from eBay and it cost £2.35, it's such lovely material that I bought some more to make something else from as it drapes really nicely and it is such a pretty print!

If anyone has a basic short pattern or a DIY guide please do share it because I'd love to make these again or perhaps redesign the ones I've made so that they fit a little better and look nicer too!

Have you ever tried making shorts? 

XO Amie
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