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lee stafford frizz off
lee stafford frizz off conditioner treatment

Lee Stafford Frizz Off Intensive Treatment £12.99

Its rare that I like using a product so much that I feel I have to review it on it's own after I've used it all; normally I would just include it in a collective 'empties' post but this product I felt deserved a post of it's own. I have very long, thick hair which is colour treated and so tends to be prone to frizz and split ends, so this Lee Stafford 'Frizz Off' intensive treatment seemed like just the sort of thing that could help to repair the damage.

I got this in a goodie bag from an event I attended and I was really keen to try it as soon as I read the description on the packaging. It claims to get rid of frizz, and also maintain a Brazilian blow dry, which I've had to Google but basically is a treatment akin to a relaxer for curly or frizzy hair that makes it stay straighter and sleeker for up to 4 months. This product claims to help to keep this treatment looking amazing but I think if I had paid almost £200 at the hairdresser I would probably buy specialised products from the salon to maintain it; I can't comment on the performance of the product on that type of treatment as I haven't had it done!

According to the packaging, you are supposed to wash hair as normal, and use the product like a masque in between shampooing and conditioning. The first time I used it I actually didn't bother to condition my hair afterwards as it felt incredibly soft, but subsequently I did use conditioner. The first time I tried it, I put a lot of product on the lengths and ends; it comes in the pot and you scoop out the required amount to use. I probably used more than I needed to but my hair felt parched and so I slapped a load on and left it for about 10 minutes. When I rinsed it out, my hair felt like silk, and even when I blowdried it, it still felt mega soft. I was really impressed because often masques like this can leave hair feeling greasy or lank but this didn't do that.

I probably only had enough left after the first use for about 4 more uses. I think if you have very long or thick hair, this product works best as an intensive treatment as opposed to a pick-me-up every couple of washes; I didn't feel that I got as good a result from successive uses as I did from the first application. I  think for the price, someone with hair like mine won't get very much longevity from the product, but as an intensive treatment, it worked very well to replenish my hair and get rid of the straw like feeling.

Have you ever used this before?

XO Amie
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