Instagram Week #23


New specs // #fromwhereIstand // Sunshine // Evening sky // Shoe obsession // Rainy // Clouds // Revlon Nails // Fave sandals

Look at all those weather related snaps! This week, it's been extremes, either boiling or freezing, sunny or raining, and I definitely prefer the warmer side! There have been thunderstorms too, I wish the weather would just sort itself out!

I am trying to make my Instagram not just weather/shoes but this week it's happened again! Showcasing only 2 pairs of shoes this week, though; a cut out shoeboot that I am really loving from ASOS and a perfect pair of gladiators from Les Tropeziennes. I love that the shoe boots are pale grey, such a nice alternative for summer, and the gladiators are different metallics; pewter, bronze and rose gold.

After really enjoying the Revlon Parfumerie fragranced nail polish that I posted about last week, I bought another one in the scent 'fresh linen' which is a pearlised white colour. The opacity isn't as good as the China Flower version that I bought before but the smell is really lovely and it's a pretty shade once built up.

I also got some new specs this week. I had been meaning to go to the opticians for ages and I ended up getting two pairs of glasses on the 2 for 1 offer. I didn't realise the style names until after I chose them, but they are named Alexa and Carrie; two of my fave ladies! (Chung and Bradshaw!) 

XO Amie
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