Product Review: Revlon Scented Nail Polish

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Revlon Scented Nail Polish in China Flower

I mentioned in an Instagram post that I'd bought this 90's-esque Revlon scented nail polish, and I wanted to talk a litle more in depth about it as I've seen the adverts for this product everywhere. The Revlon website explains that the parfumerie fragrances last all day, giving another dimension to glossy, irresistable colour. I bought this one from Boots where it was on offer for £4.49 but I think the price is usually around £6.99. As the product is a new release this accounts for the special price!

The China Flower fragrance is the one that I've seen in most of the advertising, and in my local store the only other fragrances available were Autumn Spice (a sparkly brown) African Tea Rose (hot pink) and Surf Spray (bright blue). I chose China Flower because I loved the colour and as I wear red a lot on my nails I knew I'd get good use out of it!

I applied a base coat which is advised on the Revlon website but it's only something I've been doing fairly recently. I do find that it makes a difference to the longevity of the polish, it lasts longer before chipping etc, so that it's definitely recommended. The polish glides on super smoothly straight away; it also gives amazing colour coverage with just one coat although I always prefer to use two coats to ensure the colour is flawless. 

The premise of this scented polish is that it dries to a scent, so opening the bottle yields that usual 'nail varnish' scent but, on drying, it really does smell glorious. This China Flower scent is quite delicate, it's a really pleasant scent and does seem to last all day. It's a novelty because there's no real reason for your nail polish to be scented, but I do like the fact that Revlon have taken the time to create bespoke fragrances in keeping with the colour of the polish; remember back in the 90's a red scented polish would be strawberry, an orange one orange, and so on! 

The polish is available in 24 different shades and I am tempted to pick up another one just based on the colour payoff and longevity of this one. I like the look of Wintermint, which is a sparkling green, Spun Sugar, which is a pale grey, and Lime Basil which is a dark green.

Have you tried this trend?

XO Amie
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