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Contents: May Glossybox

I wouldn't normally post a Glossybox review so quickly following a previous one, but I had to share this beauty box because for a change, it was actually really, really good. Usually, as you'll be well aware, I always have a bit of a rant around my Glossyboxes; and I've just used up the last of my points for the June box and then I will be unsubscribing. To be honest it's more of a case of the novelty wearing off a little bit for me, as opposed to the boxes being consistently crap, because they aren't always that terrible (though there have been some proper howlers) but I just feel a bit over it now; I'd rather take my £10 and go to Space NK and buy something really lovely instead of getting several bits and pieces that I feel a little halfhearted over.

All this aside, the May collaboration box was an absolute cracker. For me, anyway; a quick glance over the Glossybox Facebook page tells a mixed story, there are people who loved their boxes and people who hated them. I think that consistency is the key; I mean, I probably just lucked out and got a really good selection; some people got foot cream, a hair doughnut and a tiny tube of lipgloss so you can't really draw parallels; the boxes were either an epic win or fail, I think, depending on which one you got.

Anyway. This month's theme was a collaboration which Glossybox kept very quiet about (aside from some hint-dropping on Facebook) with Superdrug which has just celebrated it's 50th anniversary. I liked the idea of working with a beauty retailer and as it turned out, I got a lot of great products in this month's offering.

I'll begin with the first (and only) product that I didn't like: the eyeliner from GOSH. This was a full sized product, and retails for around £5. I didn't like it because it was purple. Basically this won't ever be used by me, I would never buy this colour and whilst some people might love purple eyeliner, it's not for me. However, of all the products I got, this was the only one I didn't like, so that's a turnaround!

The second product was from Superdrug's B. Cosmetics range, which I've actually used before and quite liked. The lipstick is a great texture and an easy wear, natural pink colour which I really like and have used quite a lot thus far. The packaging feels cheap and the lipstick tends to swivel back down inside the tube when you're applying it, but aside from this, it's a great item, which retails for around £6.

Probably the winning product from this box was this full sized Max Factor Facefinity primer. I like a good primer, and I actually use this foundation, so it's ideal. I would have bought this and it costs £10.99 so this was easily worth the cost of the box alone.

Another great item was the Maybelline Great Lash mascara in very black, which is a total throwback to my schooldays; this was such a cult mascara back in the day and I'd sort of forgotten about it until Glossybox reminded me! I look forward to seeing if I like it as much now as I did then; I don't really need a mascara at the moment but as it's packaged up it will keep until I do; an ideal item to get in a Glossybox, if you ask me. I think this retails for around £5.

The final full sized product was this Vaseline spray on body moisturuser. I've expressed an issue at Vaseline being considered a 'premium' brand in the past, and I would probably do so again apart from the fact that I really wanted to try this product out. I'd seen it everywhere and was considering buying it, it costs around £5 again so it's great that Glossybox included this so I can.

There were also two 'bonus products' included, a sachet of body oil and a Ghost perfume sample spray. I think that this is where Glossybox need to be careful to work on their consistency; a couple of months ago, I got a perfume sample and a sachet like this in a box as 'main' products. If you are including them as a 'bonus', you can't then really expect to start including them as part of the integral content of the box in future, I don't think.

Overall, this is probably the best Glossybox I've received in a very long time. The total value of the products that I received was around the £32 mark, which is almost three times the value of the price of the box itself. I was really pleased with the selection of products but I don't think I would miss Glossybox if I unsubscribed to the service. 

What did you make of this month's box?

XO Amie
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