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I always try not to go on about the weather so much on my blog but as an avid Instagrammer I think a few snaps of the sky in varying weather patterns are as obligatory as shots of shoes! Of which there are many of both these topics this week!

To begin with the weather, which has clearly gone crackers as one minute it's blinding sunshine, and the next, torrential downpours and strong wind! I can't dress for this; am I supposed to wear boots or sandals? tights or bare legs? Please make up your mind, weather, preferably in the warm and dry direction!

I have decided to make my wardrobe more spring/summer appropriate this week. I had a good sort out on Sunday and binned off a load of stuff to the charity shop pile that I've not worn all winter, and re-edited my dress rail. Turns out, everything I own is a neutral; there are no prints, no colours and barely anything summery. In a fit of panic I then online shopped and bought a mint green jumper, white jeans, a pale blue denim shirt, and some red sandals. Whether any of this will be kept remains to be seen, but I'm going to make an effort to wear things other than black! I had a good chat with my friend Hana about black clothing in summer and we both agree it looks great with a tan, but of course due to the weather at the moment there's no chance of that!

Buy of the week this week were these vintage Italian ankle boots which I found on eBay for a bargain price, they are so cute and literally the perfect black boots. The ankle boot holy grail, if you will! A close second are these Birkenstock Arizona sandals which I sort of feel a bit like a fashion victim in; I hate all this 'Normcore' rubbish about trying to look 'normal' and it be a trend; if you like something, bloody wear it, whether it's normcore, hardcore or anything else in between. I actually bought these because I have a bunion and so I need a comfy pair of sandals because otherwise my foot hurts. This is true, but also I saw Alexa Chung wearing them and it made me want them more (the irony). So I bought them. I got them from Amazon and they were about £32 including shipping which is so much better than the £60 odd that Topshop/Urban Outfitters are charging. I got the narrow fit in a size 3 and they fit perfectly. I was a bit worried about the sizing because they do look like quite wide sandals but the narrow fit are just fine. I have also worn Birkenstocks before (in maybe 2005 and they weren't cool then) so I feel I can get away with it!

Finally, don't forget to check out the post below to find out how you could win some pictures from Printic! It's such a cool prize so be sure to check it out!

XO Amie
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