Rucksack Alternatives

I've been looking into getting a rucksack for everyday use. I, like every other girl, carry a handbag which invariably is filled with all manner of unnecessary items. I've attempted downsizing (see this post) but somehow always end up harking back to a more practically-sized bag. I wanted to explore the other options out there before deciding to take the plunge and invest in a rucksack.

The first thing I think of when considering a draw-string bag is the gym connotations. I remember having a drawstring bag for school; PE and/or swimming, and I also use a similar styled one to tote my ballroom shoes about in. Granted these are more of a backpack style, but I thought it would be interesting to see if I could find any more substantially sized bags that wouldn't pull my shoulder out of its socket!

I have a particular fondness for this 'barrel' style of bag; it's tinged with sadness though as I had the most glorious Hermes (yes!) squashy suede barrel bag that I found in a Devon charity shop. I loved that bag; it was one of my very favourite handbags but when in storage it went mouldy and never recovered. Anyway, it was this sort of shape and size, and it was so useful to throw everything into. A word of warning, though, when it comes to a bag of these proportions; everything simultaneously sinks to the bottom, making it akin to a tardis whenever you need to find a pen/keys/lippy etc.

I am definitely tempted to choose something like this on my quest to find a more comfortable and practical every day bag, but I am still keeping an eye out to see what else I could find. Ideally I'd like something that will be easy and comfortable to carry; notwithstanding the need I have to carry an entire makeup counter in my bag, I'd still like something that's roomy and doesn't have a thousand fiddly clips and buckles to undo to get into it. The search continues!

XO Amie
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