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Batiste dry shampoo // No.7 Beautiful Skin wipes // MUA Matte Lipsticks // Collection Extreme felt tip liner // Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip treatment // Time Delay night cream // No.7 nail polishes

Typically, I always seem to run out of all my beauty necessities at once. I had to restock so I thought I'd share some things that I bought because they aren't all things I've never tried, some are repurchases of things I really rate and have used before!

Of course I got handfuls of No.7 makeup vouchers over the last week or so; I am sure they just give them out so freely to encourage you to buy things you don't really need! Although in this instance I did get some things I actually needed, by way of these face wipes which only cost £2 with the money off. I also ended up with two nail polishes which were included with the voucher and also on a buy one, get one half price deal. I like the No. 7 polishes when I'm in between gel nails because they are always such lovely colours and they do last (not as long as a gel manicure but I think it's important to give my nails a break from the gels from time to time!)

I've been using the same night cream by Botanics for probably about a year now, but I've found that I'm not noticing it making a difference to the quality of my skin as it used to. I thought I'd switch my skincare up a bit with this Time Delay one; I can already see the difference, my skin looks more hydrated and smoother after only a few days use. 

I've also invested in a different Batiste dry shampoo than normal. This one is meant to give more volume; I was really tempted to try the Umberto Giannini 'Backcomb in a bottle' but it was £6, and this dry shampoo looked like it would give a similar effect for half the price. I'll let you know how I get on with it!

Other makeup buys include my holy grail eyeliner, the £2.99 Collection felt tip liner. No other eyeliner compares to this, and I'm pretty sure I've tried almost all other alternatives! I have also been really impressed with these MUA Matte lipsticks, which I have in a red and a darker berry shade. These were £1 each and whilst I wasn't expecting that much from them, they are a great texture and give a lovely colour. I've bought some things from MUA that were a total waste of money, but these were a winner! I am also loving this Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lipstick. This is probably the most luxe lipbalm I've ever used, but it works, which is why I have been using it! I got it as part of a set, on sale in Boots at the moment.

What are your favourite beauty buys?

XO Amie
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