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Wearing: Selected Femme coat (charity shop) TK Maxx hat American Eagle skinny's (charity shop) vintage blouse Zara knit Urban Outfitters bag (sale £5) Topshop leather look bow Betty London boots

It's gone really cold all of a sudden which is actually the perfect time for me to get really into layering. I'm always layered up anyway but it's only this year I've really got into the whole skinny jean/ankle boot thing, I don't feel like this is a look I've ever been able to master but perhaps it's all about finding the right boot?

I blogged about this Betty London pair here and now I find them on my feet; the splash of pink on the elastic section makes them a very conversational pair of boots; I've had a lot of compliments on them and I have to admit that they I've barely taken them off. They are incredibly comfortable as well as being pretty perfect in fit and they aren't cut too low or too high on the ankle. Problem is, they come in two other colours which of course have gone straight on my wish list; probably a brown pair would work better than a blue pair but the blue are super pretty...sigh!

My bag is from Urban Outfitters and was a fiver in the sale, which as well it might be as I went to use it this morning and it broke! I went to change it but of course, they have all sold out, I've managed to fix it in a fashion because I really like it and it was only a fiver, but the retail was £42 so had I paid that it would be going right back!

I totally forgot about these American Eagle skinny jeans, last seen here. I found them when I was turfing a load of stuff out to the charity shop and thought I'd give them a whirl. I never think I like blue jeans, but I think if they are dark, I can just about make them work. I like these ones anyway and wore them for about 4 days straight after I found them!

XO Amie
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