Topshop January Sale Picks

Topshop Sale Picks

Following on from my ASOS 'pick of the sales' post that I uploaded the other day, I thought I'd share one from the old stalwart of the British high street: Toppers. I have such a love/hate relationship with Topshop; I love the way that they interpret the trends and translate high fashion into wearable, everyday pieces; I hate the way a winning piece will be everywhere within about five minutes and that they literally adhere to the most current trends-I wore 90's fashion in the 90's, and it wasn't cool then, so to me, scrunchies and those godawful stretchy choker things are the stuff of nightmares. But a lot of trendy young things would beg to differ and this is where Toppers cashes in.

This aside, their sale is the stuff of wonderment. They will, I'll grant them, allocate proper reductions-none of this 'a fiver off' gubbins *ahem Zara* usually the markdowns are half price for all of about 48 hours before they have further discounts. Basically I never used to be able to afford to shop in Topshop when they weren't in sale, so by force of habit it's when I tend to buy most of the things I want from them.

I'm not sure what their replenishment on sale is like; I know I've seen things go out of stock online and then come back in again, so I'll leave these items linked and even if you can't spot your size, keep checking back because you might still find it. I bought much of my Margiela and Marni for H&M collection pieces this way-having absolutely zero luck with the Marant stuff though. Do you think H&M specify that they only collaborate with designers beginning with M!?
Anyway, onto the good stuff:
Leopard print Parka now only £20 (was £65) shop here (I really want this)
Red nail polish (classic) £1 (was £6) *sold out* soz but buy a 3 pack in the sale for £7 here
Fluffy jumper was £50 now £30 shop here
Silver shoes (how Bowie) were £32 now a tenner here
Flared jeans (and to think I've just been shunning 90's fashion, awkward) Was £60 now £20*sold out* but very similar pair in a darker wash here

I think the parka is a total steal and I think it would be a really useful spring coat, although I have about a million coats so I'm trying to resist buying it!

Have you bought anything in the Topshop sale?

XO Amie

EDIT: The silver shoes are sold out on the Topshop website now but ASOS have a great dupe here! 
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