Products I have used up #3: The Skincare Edition

Products I have used up: Premae Harmony smoothie serum, Rodial Glam Balm, Botanics Mattifying day cream, Dr Jart BB cream, MUA Undress Your Skin primer

Taking a look back over some previous posts I realised it's been a long while since I've blogged an 'empties' post. In fact, I have only managed two this year so far: in July and September! I suppose that's testament to the fact that I don't buy a lot of products; I like to finish what I have before I buy new ones, anyhow. I do subscribe to Glossybox which delivers a selection of beauty products each month and I do get use out of these, probably making it worth the subscription fee as I rarely have to buy makeup or skincare products outside of these. However I really feel that the quality of Glossybox has taken a rapid nosedive; and I am seriously considering unsubscribing after the disappointment of the December box, but I'll save that debacle for another blog post!

This month, I've pretty much completely switched back to foundation over a BB cream, but I thought I'd include this Dr Jart BB cream that I've finished. This is the second one I've got through; it's a fantastic product which is worth the hefty price tag. I bought a Botanics one which turned out to be a bit of a false economy, because it wasn't as good, so I should have just taken that money and put it towards another Dr Jart one that I knew would be of great quality. That said, I will probably stick with foundation now until the spring time as I find I prefer a better coverage in the winter than a BB cream provides.

A Glossybox product I loved was the Smoothie Serum by Harmony from Premae. This light, lemon scented serum provided a great base for my moisturiser and really helped quench my thirsty, winter-worn skin. I like to use a serum day and evening, especially in the winter as I find it makes my moisturiser work harder for me, and I am definitely listing this one as a replacement to my current one when I finish that. It's lovely!

On the topic of moisturiser, this Botanics Mattifying daily moisturiser has been part of my morning routine for a few months now. Conversely I didn't find it was overly mattifying at all, and consequently have switched back to the hydrating day cream from Botanics that I've used before. These Botanics moisturisers are really very good for the price, I always end up using loads of moisturiser in the winter because I suffer with dry skin so it's nice to be able to do so and not have to spend a fortune!

I am also using a primer more often at the minute, as it helps to give my foundation a base to adhere to and adds to its longevity. This MUA one was an impulse buy, as is always the case with MUA, due to the cheap price point I always end up picking up an item or two to try out, with varying results. At £3 I didn't expect too much from this, and, whilst more liquid than most other primers I've tried, it worked really well and blended in easily. I haven't repurchased this yet as I have a Laura Mercier one to get through but I would definitely consider doing so once that one has run out!

Finally, a product from one of my favourite brands: Rodial. I have to confess I've never actually bought a product from this brand because of the price, it's a very expensive, luxury brand but I've been lucky enough to get my hands on some of the items in either goodie bags or Glossyboxes over the year. This lip balm was a gift in a goodie bag from an event and I've loved using it, I put it on first thing in the morning whilst I'm putting the rest of my makeup on and it's very softening as well as moisturising.

Which products have you been using lately?

XO Amie
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