The New Icons

Wearing: H&M New Icons skirt, Zara knit, River Island hat, Ash boots, vintage Mulberry bag

The H&M New Icons range launched ages ago and I completely missed the boat on it really; I had wanted to get my hands on that beautiful leather jacket that made up part of the collection but alas, I wasn't quick enough and it all sold out really fast. Or so I thought! During Bristol Fashion Week I was mooching around the shops before the show, and I happened to spot a rail of these chiffon maxi skirts on sale in H&M!  I'm not usually a maxi skirt person, but I really liked the splits and the sheer fabric with the little mini skirt underneath. I thought the skirt would probably go well with a lot of the pieces I have in my wardrobe, so to switch it up from my habitual trouser wearing, I thought I'd give it a go!

Since they were only £7 I bought the black and the mink version too (well, it would have been rude not to!) but I'm yet to wear the mink one, although it's actually a lovely colour which, again, will go with a lot of my existing wardrobe. If I could find any fault, it's that the skirt is particularly long; even with these heeled boots I found myself stepping on the front of it a couple of times and almost going over! I am tempted to chop it into a midi skirt, I think that would make it more wearable (for me anyway) and also minimise the risk of me falling over so I might just do that!

These Ash boots have become the focal point of my AW shoedrobe, I've got a couple of pairs of black boots but these ones have become to equivalent of the Clarks ones I wore to death last winter and the winter before. They are the perfect height and fit for everyday; I have a wierdness with black boots in that I find them really hard to wear; I know that's very odd but I have tried on so many styles and shapes and the ones I feel fit me the nicest and look the best are definitely these ones. The only bad thing about them (and it isn't really a bad thing!) is that they are leather soled, so if I wear them in the rain I end up skidding about like bambi on ice! 

XO Amie
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