'Juste Parfait'

Wearing:  Zara knit Topshop jeans Moda in Pelle ballet pumps Calvin Klein tote H&M hat

You might have noticed I've made a couple of changes to my blog layout. It's not complete yet, Adrian and I spent a good few hours yesterday playing around with varying templates and have since concluded that HTML is best left to the experts. So you'll have to bare with me as I continue to adjust the blog until I'm happy with it!

I've also invested in a new camera lens this month so I am hoping that the photo quality will continue to improve and also Adrian has given me a crash course in Photoshop (so difficult!) which means that my photos should look crisper and the sizing should also be more uniform. I hope.

Anyway, back to the fashion! I bought these flared jeans in the Topshop sale a few weeks ago. I had always planned to wear them with these block heeled ballet pumps, which I adore; they're so pretty and they definitely cast a nice juxtaposition against the shredded hems of the jeans. I've since bought another pair of wide legged trousers (from a charity shop) and whilst they're not the normal shape I would go for, they are really comfortable and I think it's nice to switch it up now and again. 

I paired them with this Zara knit which I picked up for £9.99 in the mid-summer sales. Of course it was too hot to wear it then but I loved the cheeky French logo, it's so me and I will be living in it through the winter; I've already worn it loads!

Finally I can't seem to take off this lovely bowler hat which is proving indispensable through the Autumn winds in keeping my fringe in check! However it does mean that hairstyles are limited, I can't wear my hair 'up' when wearing a hat so I quickly tied it into a loose fishtail braid which I think works well.

What do you think of the new look of my blog? I'd love to know your thoughts!

XO Amie
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