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For a bit of a different post today I thought I'd write a little bit about 'how' I blog. I suppose it's a bit more about how I write; I've always enjoyed writing and the reason that I started this blog, really, was as an outlet to enable me to share my musings on fashion and beauty for anyone who was interested in reading them, and also for me, purely for the enjoyment I get from it!

Writing a regular blog can be a difficult thing to do at times. I have a full time job, so my days off are spent planning different posts, taking photographs, editing, writing up and catching up on any emails I have to reply to. I also try to invest time updating the blog's Facebook page as well as uploading looks to various social media sites such as Chictopia or WIWT, as well as also finding time to read through and comment on other blogs that I follow. 

Despite the workload, I am always striving to make my blog better and to continually try and improve my content, both in terms of copy, the posts that I offer and also the photography. Adrian takes the majority of my outfit photos, which is brilliant because I used to use a tripod and self timer which never gave as good a result and always took about three times the length of time to do! Any other posts are photographed by myself and I have taught myself via trial and error and also Google, how to be a better photographer. I'm not great, but I try to get better all the time, and I hope this comes across.

The essentials for blogging are definitely a decent camera (although for the first couple of years I used an ancient point and shoot, so you don't really need one with all the bells and whistles, but having now got one to use that is all singing and dancing, you'll notice the difference immediately.) It's also important that you can upload your blogs and of course write the posts so internet connection is a must and also a laptop or tablet to do the work on. I'm not the best person to talk to when it comes to computers; I just tend to Google 'tablet reviews' or search out what other people think (or ask Adrian or my dad) before committing to buy. My first 'proper' laptop was an Acer and I got on really well with it and used it for many years, check out this Acer laptop review if you'd like any more information on that brand. Currently I don't even have my own computer but use Adrians, and it's very kind of him to let me do so. I have my own folder on the desktop for all my pictures and regularly fill the sim card of his camera with shots of nail varnish when I'm sure he'd rather it was full of pictures of birds of prey and/or rock bands. I'm sure any blogger with a long-suffering boyfriend or husband will attest, they definitely become integral to the art of blogging-I don't think I could go back to using a self timer and tripod now that I've got access to Adrian's photography skills!

I'm certainly not an oracle when it comes to blogging but I do believe the key is that you blog about something you love. For me, that's fashion, whether it's a post about something I've found in a charity shop, a collage of Instagram pictures from my week, a collection of new-season 'wants' or even just an outfit I've worn, the best part of this is to be able to look at the post I've written and feel pleased with it and if I get lovely comments about the post, that just adds to this!

Finally, I would always recommend that you make yourself a nice cup of tea before sitting down to write your post. I don't know why, but this is all part of my 'routine', along with scouring magazines for trends I like or items I want to buy and/or write about, I can't seem to even consider getting a post started without a cuppa in hand. Even just prepping this post, I had two!

I'd love to know about your blogging routine, if you have one? Let me know in the comments!

XO Amie
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