The perfect winged eye*

Winged eyeliner created using Collection Extreme Liner

I get asked fairly often how I create my signature makeup look, which is a winged eyeliner flick. I've been wearing liquid liner since I was about 17; I remember turning up on my first day of sixth form with flicked eyeliner and a raven side fringe to lots of remarks on how I had obviously taken style inspo from Kym Marsh (It was the noughties mind) but I couldn't help it, I just loved the look. In the 13 years since, the raven hair has long gone but the eyeliner flick remains. Sometimes it reaches Amy Winehouse proportions but for the most part, in the daytime I keep it to a little feline flick; French inspired when I rock it with a beret and stripes and Alexa inspired the most of the rest of the time (especially when slightly worn in and smudgy, as above)

There's no real technique I use to achieve the line, in fact I use a really strange method in that I start at the point and work inwards. I only judge the distance from the outer corner 'by eye' and, I suppose, over a decade of practise, but I find that if I start on the inside and flick out they're always the wrong height/shape and end up getting bigger and bigger as I try to fix one, then the other. I like to take on board some advice I heard vis a vis eyebrows 'they should be sisters, not twins' and the same applies to eyeliner; your eyes aren't completely symmetrical so it stands to reason that your liner won't be, either. Although this is hard to work with at times!

In terms of product, I always use a 'felt pen' style eyeliner. I've tried those dippy ones but can never get the line as even when I use them. I always, always buy the Collection Extreme liner, which costs about £3 but has outlasted and outdone any other liner I've ever used, expensive ones included!

This is the eye makeup I wear everyday, I would feel naked without it and if I had to forgo any other makeup products I think the winged eyeliner would be the look I'd keep. It's my trademark!

What's your ultimate makeup signature?

XO Amie

*I should probably point out that this isn't necessarily the perfect winged eye, but it's pretty good by my standards! It's perfect for me, anyway!
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