GlossyBox does London Fashion Week!

Contents: September's Glossybox (London Edition)

Another month rolls around and with it, another Glossybox! The September box was heavily influenced by all things London-tying in neatly with London Fashion Week, the box was a British affair, as implied by the outer packaging: this month the classic pink box was replaced with a striking union jack! The tissue paper inside was beautifully illustrated with quintessential British icons: a telephone box, a London taxi cab, and, of course, a brolly!

This month I was really pleased with the contents of the box and also, the Glossybox Magazine which launches this month. This *ahem* glossy mini-magazine contains interviews and beauty tips as well as all sorts of interesting features, and sat nicely alongside the leaflet that explains the contents of the box this month.

All of the products were of a British theme and sourced from UK brands. I received:

-Eyelure False Lashes: Now, bare in mind I'm yet to use the last two pairs of falsies I have received in Glossyboxes; I just don't think they're my thing. However, of the ones I've had, these are by a country mile the most wearable/least drag queen, so I might have a try of them. They're also self adhesive which means I don't have to faff about with glue=bonus!

-Elizabeth Arden Untold Fragrance: Take note, Glossybox, THIS is what I expect when you include a fragrance sample. A little box. A proper bottle, not a vial. More than just one squirt of product. It's actually a delicious scent and really lasts, and I appreciate that this is what I would consider a fragrance 'sample' rather than a cop out.

-Dr Lipp Nipple Balm for Lips: Apparently, this is every London Fashion Week Makeup Artist's saviour product. I've never heard of it and, quite frankly, can't get my head around the name-it's called what? and you put it on your lips? Hmm. I know I shouldn't be swayed by the name but you know how there have been those snail slime facials in the news of late, with everyone raving about them but probably secretly feeling repulsed? This is the same thing. Names are important! I don't want to put anything from a snail on my face. That's a fact. So I don't think I will be bringing myself to use this either!

-Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum: That's better! This sounds like it will make my hair shiny and glossy and I am uber excited to try it out. I recently won some Label.M goodies in a WIWT competition and I am going to combine the 3 to make my hair mirror-like. I hope!

-Be a Bombshell Eyeliner Pen: If I could ever pick the perfect product to get in a Glossybox, it would be a felt tip eyeliner. I use one daily, it's my signature look, the product I would always reach for. I always, always return to Collection's Extreme felt pen liner, nothing else is as good, and I'm not expecting this to be but the pen feels a good size and I am excited to try it. I have tried the L'oreal Blackbuster and found it to be ok, but not as good as the Collection one, so we will see how this compares!

Did you get a Glossybox this month? What did you get in yours? 

XO Amie
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