The Lost Top

Back in 2010/11, this was probably my favourite top. I wore it to absolute pieces-literally, it fell apart. I think we've all got items of clothing that we completely adore, and of all of my wardrobe, this was the one. It's silk, and eventually it just frayed apart at every seam. I repaired it about 4 times, firstly with hand stitches and then, when they gave way, some bondaweb, but eventually and with a heavy heart, I had to consign it to the bin. The photo above is from around early 2011 I think, when it was on its last legs-look how short my hair is!

Such was my love for this top that I even emailed the brand, Quiksilver Womens (one of my faves, as I'm sure you'll know from reading this blog!) to ask them if there was any way they could track one down. These tops aren't cheap; I think I paid around £30 and that was with my staff discount (I used to work for Quiksilver) and I got just over half off so it was probably nearer to £70 retail. I would have paid that, just to have it back in my wardrobe, as I did love it so.

Years have since gone by, but I always have half an eye out for that top; whether it's online, in TK Maxx, where I've found a lot of my QSW pieces, or even on eBay, where you can find the brand from time to time. I was scrolling through some listings, when one caught my eye. There was no photograph, but the description mentioned a silk blouse, with a tiny cross pattern in black and mustard. There were no bids so I thought I'd risk a go as the price was only 99p. I won the auction and a week or so later, received a small packet in the post...I opened it and, lo and behold, the lost top!

I am beyond chuffed to have this particular favourite top of mine back in my wardrobe, even more so as it's silk and will be really nice over the Autumn, due to the sleeve length. I can't believe I've found one again after having been so sad that I had to bin mine off! I'm going to try and wear it a little less often, though, to preserve it!

Have you ever had to try and replace a garment you really loved? Did you find it easy or difficult?

XO Amie
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