Monkey See, Monkey Do...

At first glance, I'd say this soft leather handbag has more than a touch of Celine about it's look. That square shape, the top handles, and the little zipped 'smile' definitely make it look a lot more luxe than it's lable suggests.

In fact, this bag comes from Belgian brand Kipling. Up until recently this was a brand I'd avoided because of those gaudy fluffy monkey keychains that come attached to every bag! I know that's a bit silly; some of the bags were a nice enough shape and style, but that monkey keychain! The stuff of nightmares (apologies to anyone who has one and loves it, it's just not my thing!)

Happily, though, Kipling have gone for a bit of a re-brand and sacked off the fluffy monkey in favour of a sleeker metal version or a branded dog-tag style charm instead. Much less in your face, much more subtle, just as I like my branding to be. This Helga tote is right up my street, a generous size, a very much more high end shape, and, despite the practicalities that dictate that white won't be useful for everyday, I can't help but really love the colour!

Having started in 1987, I am actually older than this brand but I can certainly appreciate the heritage in terms of it's longevity; so often brands come and go these days and so it's nice to see one that has adapted and maintained a loyal customer base for so many years. Those accursed monkeys must be more popular than I first thought!

XO Amie 
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