Instagram Week #4

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This week's posts have been a little delayed due to a really long shift at work on Monday (hence the usual Monday Instagram post appearing today) and yesterday (Tuesday) being my 30th birthday. I had a lovely day and was completely spoilt. Adrian made this amazing cake for me and decorated it all himself. My nickname is Kiwi since Adrian sent me a text once and autocorrect changed my name to Amid Kiwi, so I am always either called Amid or Kiwi (not just by Adrian either-a lot of my friends also call me one or the other, it's a nickname that has stuck!) And Adrian loves to draw birds so it's handy that there is a bird called a Kiwi too!

I got some amazing presents and spent the day in the sunshine, Adrian and I went out for lunch with my brother Jake and it was just lovely. I was a bit worried about turning 30 but I think, age is just a number, I'm still the same person! I'll just have to make sure I am using anti-wrinkle cream a bit more regularly!

You might have seen my DIY blog post about a cape top I made, it was picked as DIY Post of the Day by blogging community Cult Content, which is pretty cool! Especially as I'm not that good at DIY projects! I am definitely going to be doing more DIY's though, especially now that I have a lovely new suitcase to keep my sewing kit in! It was actually quite enjoyable to do and there will be an outfit post featuring the top coming up soon so you can get a better idea of how it looks on, the snap I posted on Instagram was taken before I'd put the trim on, but I wanted to check the fit. Do you like it?

XO Amie
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