Instagram Week #8

BFW-Metallics // Yull Beaulieu beauts // Camo nail wraps // Bedtime // BFW-Houndstooth // Charity shop haul // BFW-Red // James Herriot books // Outfit post on the blog

This last week has been really busy and culminated in a trip up to the Mall at Cribbs Causeway to attend a show at Bristol Fashion Week. For the uninitiated, these shows represent a highstreet alternative to the more high end shows at Paris and London; you can buy all the products shown in the stores at the Mall and styling advice and tips are offered by comperes Andrew Barton and Mark Heyes through the duration of the show. It's always a super fun event and there will be a whole post around this soon so do check back!

The rest of my week has involved working, blogging, a cheeky charity shop haul which included a white company cashmere cardigan (£7) and an APC silk skirt (£3.99) as well as a cool blouse from H&M and some crazy little loafers. I've also dug out my favourite James Herriot books which I read as a child, I have probably read them a million times but they are one of my absolute favourite series to re-read and as it's been about a year since I cast my eye over them, I'm working through them again! I also became the owner of a beautiful pair of Yull Beaulieu pumps this week too; there will be an outfit post featuring these soon I'm sure!

Beauty wise I tried out some camo nail wraps this week, I talked in this post about the Whistles jacquard camo parka that had made me re-think my distaste for this print, so I attmpted these nail wraps to try the trend. They were from Primark and lasted about 12 house before they completely peeled off but it's always interesting to try these things!

Hope you had a good week!

XO Amie
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