Far be it for me to be wishing summer away, I feel like I waited so long to feel the sun on my skin and I am not at all relishing the thought of being cold again, however I can start to get a little bit excitied about the prospects of the coming season in terms of fashion!

I always find it so much easier to dress for winter; I like to layer and I love making purchases of thing like coats and jackets, so it would seem, so I have a veritable plethora of newness to choose from as soon as the weather cools down in that regard. However, in another there is a definite void: my handbag collection!

I think I've always been more a shoe than a bag girl (but let's be honest, can't we be both?!) although with the aquisition of a rather beautiful Moschino handbag, I've decided I am having a bag moment. Next on my hitlist: this weird and wonderful tapestry bucket of a bag, by French lable (of course) MySuelly. 

Early reports suggest that for AW13 we will be seeing the return of the following: Plaid, The Lady, Gothic and potentially also some Regality-trends that make the perrenial circles year on year. I am seriously considering buying a kilt (or kilt effect skirt) this season, a midi length in (hopefully) the same mustard and orangey shades as the bag herewith. Aside from all that, the softly woven texture definitely lends itself to a winter bag, and it will no doubt look lovely with my winter boot collection. Heck, it would even look good now, with shorts and ballet flats-a favourite combination which I will no doubt be missing wearing dreadfully as soon as the weather turns. Always looking ahead, me!

XO Amie
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