Instagram Week #1

Breakfast pain au choc // broken foot // dream vintage find // made it at last-blogger to watch on ASOS // outfit of the day // Bristol Proms // sneaky Zara sale purchases // M&S catalogue, my AW13 reference point // Moschino bag of dreams

I'm not sure how you will feel about Instagram posts, I see a lot of bloggers post them and I actually quite enjoy them because they give another element to the blog; I like seeing these little personal snaps as opposed to 'proper' blog photos, if you know what I mean!

I think I might make this a weekly feature on the blog, because I am always snapping away and posting pictures on there, despite it being a fairly new discovery for me, because I've got an Android phone and so the Apps for that seem to be a bit behind the iPhone's ones!

If you want to see the full photo stream on my Instagram and not just my edit, you can follow me here.

XO Amie
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