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Of the things I am wearing most at the moment,the two that are permo spamming up the blog have to to be these Zara shoes and this Moschino chain strap bag. I can't help it, when I find something I like, I wear it a lot, and this is very much the case with these two items. The Moschino bag is just too cute for words, the owl decal buckle is the cutest thing as well as also being practical (you twist it to lock the front flap.) fashion and functionality; they don't often meet, but when they do, it's epic!
I've never been a particularly matchy dresser but I do like the chicness of a myriad of neutral accessories, pale cream on wicker beige tempered with a muted tortoiseshell and a splash of rose gold, perfection. They definitely lift an otherwise fairly plain outfit; these pale jeans have probably seen better days but they are certainly favourites and much better suited to being worn in the sunshine. The peplum top is a recent buy, I picked it up in the dregs of the Zara sale I think for around £10. I actually really like the print, I don't wear a lot of busy prints like this but I was drawn to it when I was shopping and I love the shape. It has a very pretty open back too.

I know a few of my recent posts have been about A/W and although I am excited for the fashion, when I look at these pictures and remember the feeling of the sun on my face I can say with certainty that I am not looking forward to the arrival of winter. Maybe those nice autumnal days when the sun is shining and the air feels crisp, but the grim reality will be that those days are few and far between and more probable are leaden skies and the relentless, soaking drizzle. So yes, summer, please stay a while.

Promise I will try not to continue my handbag obsession on here, I have plenty of others so I will try to switch them up!

XO Amie
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