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I'm not sure what it is with me and shoes, but when I find a style that I like, be that a ballerina, a brogue (currently lacking in those!) or a cute little block heeled T-bar number, I become totally obsessed and wear them 24/7. Hence why I had to post this pic of these adorable little granny-esque shoes that I managed to snaffle from the Topshop sale. They are sadly no longer in this pristine condition after not having left my feet for the best part of a month. However, I took the opportunity to buy them again in black suede (for winter) after making some pocket money with the sell my stuff for cash site MusicMagpie.

Whilst they are still available on line I'd suggest you check them out! They are probably the comfiest shoes I've ever worn, and certainly bordering on the cutest! I've been wearing them mostly with chinos and skinny jeans but they also look really lovely with dresses, which I was worried about as the ankle strap could be quite unforgiving. However I think because of their nudey-tan clour it's actually quite flattering on the leg and the strap doesn't hit too high so this also makes them more wearable. I was going to team them with frilled ankle socks because I thought that would also look really sweet but I'm not sure if I can quite pull that off so for now, I've just been wearing them without! I got these in the sales (well, my lovely friend Lizi picked them up for me!) and they were reduced to £18, however the black pair cost £35 but I don't think this is too overpriced for a well made, suede shoe. I'm excited to wear the black pair too although I'm not sure if they will go with as much as the tan-there's something about a light, neutral coloured shoe that seems to work so well with everything. But keep your eyes peeled for a cameo from the black ones!

XO Amie
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