How I Style: Leopard Print Ballet Flats

How I style: Leopard Print Ballet Flats

I love a splash of leopard print to really lift a simple look from basic to wow. I actually own these French Sole ballet shoes and I absolutely love them, I rarely wear them because I am terrified I'm going to ruin with all my favourite shoes, I keep them in the box for ages and ages and then once I put them on my feet they invariably don't come off again. Last year it was my La Tenace blue toecap ballerinas, which I have now totally trashed so you can see why I am hesitant to do the same with these beautiful ballerinas!
 When I do get round to wearing them, this is probably how I would style them for an off-duty daytime look. I love the idea of wearing a leather skirt, I have a vintage black pelmet that I wear an awful lot when it's warm enough to go bare legged. This is a really easy way to wear leather without looking too dressy; with heels a leather skirt would look a bit much but with flat shoes it takes on such a chic look. With this, I'd add the classic white oversized tee, again, a blouse might look  a bit much but the slouchy tee adds just the right amount of insouciance.
The blazer shown here is actually a boy's school blazer and I think the fit and quality of these far outweighs any you can find on the high street. You could probably pick one up from a uniform supplier and it looks fantastic worn undone with the lapels popped. My holy grail blazer is such a piece; it's a vintage school blazer which I found in a charity shop (school's shop label still affixed) in navy blue with gold buttons. It cost £10 (which is expensive for a charity shop!) but I tried it on and it fit as if it had been made for me. The arms are bracelet length on me and the fit is just perfect. I've tried on many a high street blazer since but nothing has ever compared and so I just keep wearing and wearing it and will wear it forever. I actually found it on my birthday in 2011, and is probably the most worn item I've ever bought from a charity shop. With this sort of outfit, it adds elegance without overshadowing the rest of the look and keeps everything classic and chic.

To keep the lines clean and simple I would only accessorize with a simple pendant and a pair of sunnies (should the British weather require them!) and hey presto...a beautifully sophisticated look for everyday. You can shop a huge range of ballet shoes over on Spartoo.

XO Amie
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hannah said...

I love this look :) I didn't even realise the skirt was leather - it looks so casual, I love it! I just bought a pair of leopard print flats from Kurt Geiger with the intention of them being my new work shoes - they really do add the finishing touch to an outfit that would be otherwise plain! Love your French Sole ones - I keep looking at and lusting over French Sole shoes, but I'm not sure of the fit and I'm a half size as it is! xxx

amie k said...

Hey Hannah!

Yes they are such an easy way to update a really simple outfit. I love my French Sole ones, I get them from Spartoo because they often have discounts! Fit wise they run quite small, I would suggest sizing up. I didn't and am having to break mine in gently! xxx

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