Festival Style Steal

Festival Style Steal
My last "how I style" post was quite well received so I thought I would share this little collage that shows how you could style a festival-inspired look for a dress down day. Now I would probably not advocate wearing this actual look to a festival, well, not the shoes at least; gorge though they are, I think white shoes to a festival would just be a huge error of judgement (speaking as someone who once wore OPEN TOED shoes to a festival I think I have a voice of authority here, what was I thinking!)
I always think that when you wear a booty short the other part of your outfit should be modest. Booty shorts can work in the city, especially if it's really hot, but you need to make sure that your cheeks aren't on show (!) and also to ensure that you don't look too beach-ready, it's good to wear a looser top and a cute trainer to balance the leg on show. This is how I'd wear them, in any case!
I have a black pair of Superga trainers and I love the style and shape of them. No wonder Alexa Chung wanted to be part of the brand, these sneakers look as cute with a vintage dress as they do with a cut off denim short. A classic white pair will look super fresh and lovely with everything; the leather jacket can be casually thrown over the shoulder to stop the look becoming to twee, and a stripy tee is a wardrobe staple every girl should own.
What do you think of this look?
XO Amie

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