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White out
White isn't a shade I wear very often even though I do feel that, worn in the right way, it can look absolutely exquisite. I probably don't wear it very often because of the care factor; one errant spill and the whole look is doomed so it's definitely one to treat with caution! I wanted to play with the idea of wearing white in a springlike way but without the addition of florals or black-of course monochrome is a huge trend at the moment but I wanted to see if I could create a wearable look just playing off this one natural tone.
 I think the key to balancing any look that is anchored in one colour is to play off texture to give interest. I also like to disregard the rules that say you mustn't mix white with cream; personally I love the effect that this has as you can layer whites amongst it's closest neighbours-cream, ecru, ivory, shell-to give a really multi dimensional edge to your look and also soften the fairly stark element that an all-white outfit can give.
In this look I've used whites and creams, grounded back to soft golds and nautural elements such as the wooden heel of these shoes to really add interest and make the whole outfit more wearable. I think this looks so chic and it is definitely something I'd wear....I would definitely have to stay away from the black coffee though!
What do you think of this look?
XO Amie
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The Style Rawr said...

I definitely want to wear all white this SS13, I just need an off-white glow first... otherwise I might as well be wearing camouflage! ;) x

Anonymous said...

I love this look! White is a nightmare with me though. I had a white peplum on the other day, I swear I walked from my wardrobe to the bedroom door and there was a mark on it! Arrgh! xxxx

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