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When I noticed that one of my favourite blogs, The Style Rawr, was holding a competition in association with Next, I knew I'd have to enter! Basically, the premise of the contest is to create a look which you would dress your mum in for mother's day, and the prize is an outfit up to the value of £200 from Next! It goes without saying that if I was lucky enough to win, I would of course let my mum choose the prize for herself.
A little bit about my mum! Mother's day is a special day for her as it is, I'm sure, for every mum, but I always feel that I need to spoil her at every opportunity. As one of 5 children, mum always put us first and continues to do so today. She and my dad raised us to have good manners, high standards and decent morals and the way I was brought up has shaped me into the person I am today! She is of course my mum but more than that she is my best friend, someone whom I can turn to with any issue or problem and she will always have a solution.
Moving to Bristol from Devon in 2011 was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in terms of not being able to see my mum every single day as I had been doing up until then. I didn't even really think about the impact this would have on me until we had moved, and I missed her incredibly. I think when ever you have a challenge in life it is your mum you lean on for support and here I was, in a new city and starting a new job, without her to have a chat with over a cup of tea every evening. It was so hard to begin with but it has gradually got easier and we see each other more often nowadays as well as speaking every day in some form or another, text, skype or a good old chinwag on the phone, and whilst I miss only living a few minutes away from her, knowing that I see her every other week or so (and my dad!) makes it more bearable. 
My mum is amazing. She is very calm and centered and she is very strong. She is my inspiration in so many ways, and she always puts others before herself. Taking her shopping isn't always easy because she never likes to spend on herself, preferring to treat everyone else. This must change because it is she who deserves to be spoilt!
She likes to shop at Next because they have a good size range. My mum was a ballerina for Sadler's Wells and as such you can imagine her physique, tiny and petite with weeny size 3 feet (actually a standard size 3 is usually too big, which is why Next's 35.5 size is ideal for her.) Being able to find petite garments is important for her because she doesn't like to be drowned in fabric, and also she is a very classic dresser and prefers to buy chic pieces that have an element of fun to them.
With this in mind, I've chosen the above outfit as a look which I would like to put my mum in. To wear this look I would take her to the theatre to see a matinee show followed by afternoon tea at Harvey Nichols. I love the neutral colours brought to life with the pop of neon and grounded with the classic shapes of the leather tote and suede heels.
I'm not sure if mum would like this outfit straight off, I don't think they would be items she would pick from the rails but I think she would look stunning in this. She rarely wears trousers as she finds getting a pair that fit correctly a challenge, as she is slim and petite but I love the skimming, slim style of these graphic ones and even though she wouldn't normally pick an ankle length trouser (because they're always too long!) I think with the shoe I've chosen it would look really sophisticated. The lime sweater adds an element of fun and I played on this again with the pretty statement necklace which I actually like in the same shade as the jumper; a contrasting colour might be more striking but this neon lime adds texture to the sweater. The classic beige coat is, again, probably not something mum would choose immediately but I think with her colouring this would look really elegant. Of course a handbag is always a lovely mother's day gift and I think this leather tote would be really useful for her to carry all her bits and pieces in. 
What do you think of this look? I can't wait to hear what my mum has to say about it when she sees this post! If you'd like to have a go at entering yourself click here to read about how to enter, and good luck!
XO Amie
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