Marmite Shoes

Before  you get excited, I'm not talking about shoes actually made from marmite, as my title might, this is one of those shoes that I fear is going to get a reaction and that reaction will either be one of all out love or total revulsion. I don't know what drew me to this shoe by Magrit at Spartoo; the fact that I am currently all about pointy courts for some reason may have had something to do with it. I just feel at the moment that I'm re-living the early noughties with shoe trends...during which time I had box upon box of pointed courts from Faith in varying arrays of rainbow colours including neon pink and banana yellow. How I loved those shoes! Saturday night would roll around and I'd cuff my jeans and slip on my pointies, tart up the whole ensemble with a slinky (possibly mesh or florally flocked) one shoulder top and strut, yes, actually strut down the high street en route to Caesars Palace, my local nightspot. Needless to say, hideous errors in fashion judgement came frequently in my early twenties but could I go back to that time, I might well rescue a pointy court or two; possibly not the banana yellow ones though. (What was I thinking?!) 

I also had a penchant for a pointed stiletto boot, two pairs of which I purchased from Topshop long before they had even created their own shoe line, during the days in which they sold Faith shoes as a concession. (I was a Faith addict.) This rather breathtaking bootie is some sort of uncanny hybrid of the two; part boot, but from the front, look at that V-throat! Hiya, court inspired styling!

Fast forward a decade or so from my clubbing days and I find the most perfect pair of navy suede vintage courts in a charity shop. Ridiculously high, perfectly sculpted, not a sharpishly pointed as this pair but a pointy pair all the same; and can I take them off? No, I cannot. They suddenly seem to be elevating all my favourite looks from mere daywear to something so much more. They add an element of sophistication to a skinny jean and blazer. They make my legs look smashing when wearing a midi (not an easy task.) I'm suddenly exclusively wearing pointy, sharp, slim and elegant footwear. All my other shoes and boots seem ridiculously clumpy and really don't do anything for me in comparison. Platforms? Please. I want a classic, pointed court and I want it in navy, black, tan, or chocolate. Pass on the banana all the same.

What do you think? I'd  love to know.
XO Amie
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daisychain said...

Shoes made of marmite would be quite awesome. I kind of love these.

hannah said...

I'd love to see the navy pair you picked up in the charity shop - they sound perfect! I don't own many heeled shoes, I threw out many of them when I stopped doing the whole night scene (I'm an early granny for sure!!). I loved Faith, ahh I wish the shop was still around! I definitely need to invest in a pair of low heeled shoes for casual wearing xxx p.s. I don't know if you saw - but I did reply to your comment about how to make an Instagram collage on my seaside post :) x

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