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For a person who depends on classic, simple and chic shapes when dressing, the thought of adding an element of print can be daunting. Sure, I'll happily throw on a leopard print scarf or possibly consider a louder-than-your-average tee (though not often!) but in all actuality, I'm not a massive print wearer. Which is a shame, as there are some wonderful ones out there; if one has the courage to wear them. I always find that accessories are the key when thinking about pulling print into a look and I am going to do a mini series on the blog about the ease with which you can add a fun element into your look with minimal disruption to your existing wardrobe; and more importantly, without feeling as if the trend is wearing you, when it should be the other way around.

Leopard print is tricky because of the awkward connotations surrounding the type of lady who sports this print. Generalising here, it can be widely viewed as irrelevant, flashy, overtly sexual and even, dare I say it, tacky. I have come to learn that, worn in a certain way, it can look exquisite, but worn ever so slightly off the kilter you were aiming at, it can be equally horrendous.

Mention leopard print shoes and already you're in doubtful territory. A leopard print sneaker immediately brings to mind a halcyon whirlwind of 90's inspired images, girls wearing scrunchies and maybe a hint to the edgier teen of today who may couple hers with a disco pant and an oversized denim jacket. Tricky. The look I envisage here is anything but (not that there is anything wrong with 90's dressing! I just feel since I lived through it the first time around I have no real urge to press repeat!) As always, I take a leaf from a Parisian's style book and would chic up these Superga's (found at Spartoo) no end.

Worn in a louche, relaxed, weekend way, these sneakers add a real element of nonchalance to an outfit. Imagine them worn with a black skinny jean, maybe with a cream silk blouse peeping out from beneath an oversized knit sweater, pulled back into line with a shrunken blazer and a cute little beanie hat. Without particularly adding any colour or overt styling this look already feels modern and edgy whilst retaining a girlish, relaxed but together vibe. This is how I'd wear these, at least. I already have one pair of leopard print low top trainers and as such have no real need for another; nonetheless I am hopelessly drawn to these as a moth to a flame and have no doubt in my mind that they will soon be joining their printed compadres in my shoe collection...!

What do you think of these? Do you like to wear print?

XO Amie
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Pamela said...

Oooh! I love Superga shoes. I'd definitely wear those. I consider animal print a pseudo neutral and love mixing it with color.

hannah said...

These are lovely! You have such great taste Amie! I love your original pair of leopard sneakers, and these ones are perhaps equally as nice :) look forward to more in this series, I'm not very adventurous with prints! Xxx

daisychain said...

I am reallllly loving those! x

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