Ink and White

Wearing: Topshop Jeans (£3.99 via Oxfam) Vintage shoes (Charity Shop in Weston) French Connection Knit (won in a contest) ASOS White Lable Shearling Aviator (cost more than the rest of my wardrobe combined) Primark Sunnies (!)

Good Friday dawned bright and extremely sunny, so sunny in fact that I thought I'd actually be able to crack out my sunglasses for the first time this year. I was sadly mistaken but because I'd carried them round with me all day I thought I'd include them in my outfit post, which contains all the elements of my favourite looks: A bit of vintage, a bit of designer, and a lot of charity shop booty! I went to visit my family for the day and my mum snapped these pics. She's getting to be quite the photographer what with all the blog photo's I'm making her take!

Whilst the day dawned sunny, it didn't last long before the sky drew in a steely grey and the wind really began to bite. I think you will be able to tell by my balled up fists that I was actually pretty chilly having these pictures taken, despite my coat, which is without question the warmest coat I own. Although the benefit is lost a little when it's wide open, but zipped up it doesn't look as good! I'm sure I've told you the tale of this coat before, it cost an absolute fortune but, I peddle it out each season to compliments and, more importantly, the knowledge I'll be warm when I wear it which is more than can be said for most of my winter coats. It's developing a rather lovely soft patina of it's own as it gets older and is getting squashier and softer every time I wear it. I would probably prefer it to be just a touch longer in the body but I can't complain really because it seems to go with everything and fits me everywhere else really well.

These jeans are a new favourite which I scooped up in Oxfam last week for £3.99 or thereabouts. I love the colour, they are Topshop but they're an old style and the denim in really thick. I don't mind the legging style jeans but to be honest I think I prefer a heavier weight of denim especially in the winter. Hark at me, someone who this time three years ago didn't even own a single pair of jeans. Just goes to show that even personal tastes and styles alter over time. I was looking back at some snaps from a holiday Adrian and I went on in 2009 recently and seriously questioned what on earth I was does make me ponder (with a shudder) whether I will look back in three years or so and be horrified at what I wear now?! Something to think about I guess!

Out come the old granny shoes again. Once I re-find something I like, I can't stop wearing it...does anyone else do this?!

Oh, one last thing...I've recently discovered Pinterest. I know, late to leap on that bandwagon, but I can't help myself; now I've found it, and figured it out, it's like when I worked out how to use Twitter: a revelation. If you want to see what's made it onto my mood boards, including style and beauty but also a hella lotta home and interiors inspo, you can follow me here.

XO Amie
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The Style Rawr said...

Your mum has serious photo skills!! Please teach me your charity shopping ways, these jeans are cuuuute.

The Style Rawr - UK Fashion and Style Blog

Vix said...

That jacket looks wonderfully warm and snuggly and the jeans were a top find! Aren't you're poor feet cold? I don't know how you manage to go sockless, I'm such a wuss when I've got sold feet! x

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